Tuesday, May 12, 2009

EyeCon Fan Encounter: *Exclusive* Pics!

Regina had a blast at EyeCon in Florida last weekend, and shared with me her experience and pics:

Kellan was really amazing; he brought a little boy up on stage like he was a special talk show guest. He really knows how to work a crowd. He was "Mr. Charisma!"

Jerad Anderson from 100 Monkeys was in front of us in Starbucks last night (we had no idea who he was.) He introduced himself & invited us to the after-concert party at Ruby Tuesdays. He was sooo nice and polite.

Note the "starstruck" Dr. Carlisle Cullen fan! ;)

Regina says Edi was very entertaining during the Q&A segment...

Peter Facinelli was so charming, gracious, and handsome!

At the cocktail party... sigh....

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