Thursday, May 14, 2009

Even Hugh Jackman Notices Rob's Sex Hair

Hugh Jackman has a thing or two to say about his impending co-star, Robert Pattinson and his role in the upcoming drama Unbound Captives.

"He's a really great actor and a really good guy," said Jackman. "His role is phenomenal and it's going to be really amazing stuff."

And what does he think about Pattinson's famous hair? "I'm not an aficionado of hair, but his looks great."
love the hair by orsi:).

Thanks to My Twilight Saga Blog for the tip!


  1. ha ha aficionado of hair ;) Im gonna try and use that word as much as possible today ;) aficionado <3

  2. I think Jackman's been reading my blog and was impressed with my use of the word describing my affiliates. Maybe it's a sign ;)

  3. oh if they make a movie together....I am going to need a change of undies and lots of them!

  4. @Cathie--I completely agree and may I add that is what panytliners are for. :)