Monday, May 25, 2009

Dissecting the New Moon poster

FearNet dissects the official New Moon poster:

Edward Is Tortured...and suspicious? - Well of course he’s tortured, that’s his general state of mind. Also, consider the fact that he’s supposed to be feeling guilty for leaving Bella and you might even be able to read regretful in the look. Suspicious? Most definitely. Jacob is in the picture now AND he’s a werewolf. We think he’s a little angry too. The obviously defensive Jacob won’t even turn to face him, which Edward undoubtedly considers disrespectful and I’m sure he’s wondering why Bella won’t look at him.

Bella Isn’t Looking at Anyone – Jacob is turning to look at Edward, Edward is looking back at Bella and Bella is looking at, well, no one. She’s confused, that’s undeniable. However, we think it looks like she’s staring at something else entirely, as if she doesn’t want either Jacob or Edward.

Jacob’s Hair Is Short – Jacob’s cropped cut leads us to believe the picture takes place after Jacob makes his werewolf change. He’s also looking super buff. Ok, it’s definitely taken post-wolf time. But, if that’s the case, why so many clothes?

Bella Is Stuck in Back – Strange, right? While it makes sense that Edward and Jacob are protecting her, it’s odd that she’s not in the center of the group. It almost seems like the movie is more about the drama between Edward and Jacob, and less about the love triangle between the three.

They All Look Hot – There’s no surprise here, especially in Edward’s case. He is chiseled, Jacob is huge and Bella’s skin is almost as perfect as a vampire. We also noticed that they all look a lot more mature? But wait a second. Is that chest hair on Edward? If memory serves, his chest is supposed to be smooth and marble-like. So why the pelt?

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  1. I think the poster is really great and I love the way you dissected it. I love how Edward has his back turned to Bella, cementing the impression that he no longer wants to be with her. But, you can see from the way he is looking back at her, that it clearly isn't the case.

    As for Jacob, he is stepping between Edward and Bella, trying to protect Bella from Edward. I love it!