Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Twilight Widower: Our Pretty, Sparkly Vampire, Edward *freakin* Cullen Rocks Our World

Thanks, Twilight Times, for this RIOT of a video:

Remind you of anyone? DH, DB, perhaps? Introduce your whining, loving man to Twilight Widowers Anonymous, and he, too, can chick-bitch lament his loss in you, and enjoy pretty pictures of Wolverine and R2D2 to satiate his woes:

I've long maintained that Edward Cullen, aka Pretty Sparkle Boy, is simply not manly enough to inspire the kind of undying awe and devotion women like my wife have bestowed on him. Aren't there, after all, other fictional men who are more deserving of women's admiration? Manly, menly-type men who could kick the snot out of Pretty Sparkle Boy. Sure, he's got a mean smoulder, but, boiling it down, he's really not much of a man's man, is he?

I mentioned this to my wife, but naturally she took Edward's side.

So, I present to you 10 men that could totally kick Edward Cullen's ass.

Thanks to Twitarded for introducing me to this fabulous site that my husband will never know exists thank me for a million times over!


  1. I love the avatar - ballsy! And I am wondering how he feels about the fact that he now has a bunch of obsessed Twi-fan chicks following his blog - lol... Hey - at least we have a sense of humor [er, most of us, anyway] and I have to say that I think everything he has posted is spot-on! I think I need DH to write me a Twilight song now that he's done with helping with the logo...
    : )
    Thanks for the link to us, too!

  2. Lol, the bit about He-Man especially cracked me up! :D