Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog Post Compromise: Have your cake and eat it too...

My fellow bloggy friends, Snarkier Than You, Jenny Jerkface, and Amber have made their feelings regarding the filming of New Moon known:

From Twitarded:
I don't want to watch each scene thinking "oh here's that one where they stopped for seven smoke breaks, changed outfits a few times, signed a bunch of autographs, and then afterwards went out to dinner at Chez VanCity and had fruity cocktails! Rob had spaghetti and meatballs! And he made that funny face..."

"Man, I wish I hadn't eaten that burrito from the Kraft Services table earlier today..."

Nope. Not for me! Thanks but no thanks! I want to watch it the way I watched Twilight: all new to me, giggling hysterically into JJ's ear every thirty seconds, each scene fresh and new [and hopefully-not-too-unintentionally-funny this time around]. And maybe then I will backtrack and see what I missed. But until then, if some of my co-bloggers find that I am not lurking around their sites with my usual level of zeal, now you know why. Nothing personal. I'll be back!

And, from Eyes of Amber:
From this point on, I will not be posting any set photos, videos, or other possible New Moon spoilers. If it doesn't come in the form of an official release, you won't find it here. I realize that's probably not a popular decision, but I'm afraid that I'm seeing too much. I don't want to spoil the movie for myself, so I can't possibly put things on here that I'm not looking at myself.

I've seen enough to know that Chris Weitz is doing something amazing and I can't wait for the promo shots and trailers.I want there to still be a whole lot of mystery to me when I sit down in that theater, 200 days from now.

All that said, I have to concur with my girls. Unfortunately, my blog is based around updating you with the latest news surrounding the filming of new Moon and anything related to the Twilight cast. Aside from staying away from smut, I gotta trudge on, and hope to Edward Cullen that it doesn't affect my viewing experience.

So, I propose this as a compromise so that I can see the likes of STY, JJ and Amber hanging around here along with any other fans who don't want to be spoiled....

If I post anything related to filming, I'll post *spoiler* in the title. That way ya'll can still come and swoon over hawt and heavy pics of Rob without feeling deprived and tainted.

Whaddya think- is that a fair compromise?


  1. I've said it before and I will say it again: Pillow Biter, YOU ROCK!!! Seriously - that's a great idea and I really appreciate it - as I am sure the rest of the "No Spoiler" crowd will! If people want to follow along as filming is done, that's totally cool - it's just not for me. Great way to compromise - and I will likely spend ALL of my time immediately after I see NM [a few times...] backtracking and going through all the on-set stuff that I am intentionally depriving myself of for now!

    Thanks again!!

    : )

  2. You really are the bestest.

    I think of it this way - once I see the movie, I can go back through all the archives of other blogs and read about the filming. It's a win/win situation!

  3. I totally agree. This is a great compromise and I think the same thing as the Twitarded girls, I'll enjoy seeing all that stuff AFTER I see the movie. Or more accurately, in between trips to see the movie to get a fix...LOL.

    You're the best!

  4. You continue to have a tasteful blog, and that's what's wonderful about you!!!

  5. Works for me. I still haven't decided how I want to proceed. Truly I want to hold back and not be spoiled but the addict in me finds it all so hard to resist. Thanks for the option PB--you are the bestest indeed.

  6. Thought you might like to know the pic you have posted was taken in London NOT Vancity.

  7. Did you see the look on Rob's face? Strictly for effect, my friend... I doubt he was REALLY saying that!

    You guys rock. Srsly.