Friday, May 15, 2009

Ashley Doll Leaves VanCity/ Today's Filming Deets/ Kristen is Hammered

Lainey reports: Ashley Greene left Vancouver yesterday. Here she is at the airport. THAT is a pretty, pretty girl. She looks like a doll.

Today is Pattinson’s final day on the set of New Moon barring any crazy cataclysmic setback. They’ve had to postpone these scenes due to weather, now must rush him through the shoot to get him out on schedule. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in Vancouver today. Which is perfect because – get ready for it Twi-hards – today they are shooting in the Meadow.

It’s a dreamy sequence. In the Meadow, Bella sees herself get old, looks like her grandma. And Edward wishes grandma happy birthday. Then they’re young together and lying in the field and looking at each other and it’s pretty.

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  1. so can the lady taking pictures w/rob and kristen tell us what was going on when these pictures were taken of her w/the stars?