Monday, May 4, 2009

Ashley dishes on BFF's of New Moon

I sludged through the smut and found these nuggets from E! of who's BFFing who, as told by Ashley Greene:

"For the most part it's great," says Ashley. "We all get along. It's a bunch of personalities," cooed Ash. "So I'm not going to say there's not going to be a disagreement here or there, but it's not like a war or anything like that. We all hang out."

We asked Ashley if she wasn't naturally drawn to certain friends?

"Yeah. Me and Rachelle [Lefevre] literally go out to dinner every night and hang out a lot. And Kristen and Nikki definitely hang out with each other more than I think the rest of us do. But we'll all still get together. It's hard with everyone's schedules, too."

rob (edward), elizabeth (esme), kellan--yum (emmett), peter (carlisle), nikki (rosalie), kristen (bella), ashley (alice), jackson (jasper), cam (james), laurent, taylor (jacob), and victoria (Rachelle) by ashley(^-^).

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