Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why is Rob the Sexiest Man on Earth?

Just saw this new cover of Life & Style Magazine and wondered if they'd like that sexy Rob-list alphabetically or in order of importance...

Anyone care to field this question?


  1. psssht! They shouldn't even ask that question.

    He just IS.

    Soooo...are they saying skinny dudes with messy hair & scruff aren't sexy?

    It kinda sounds like they are. Sexy is in the eye of the Twihard-beholder....and we eye Robert as sexy. Even on his 'hobo-chic' days!


  2. I agree with Tasha, HE JUST IS!!!!!!

  3. He IS because of so much more than just his looks (though I love the scruffy, messy hair type). If he was a total prat most of us would just write him off as another pretty boy....thankfully his personality, at least for me, makes him all the more sexy and endearing.

  4. These are my reasons:
    Bedroom eyes
    Sex hair
    Jaw porn
    British accent
    Endearing personality

    How many guys have ALL of these qualities? Um. none. but Rob. Sexilicious.

  5. Seriously, didn't then answer their own question??? Skinny, scruffy, total sexy bed-head - what's not to like??