Monday, April 20, 2009

Who Would You Hook Rob Up With? (other than yourself...)

Robert Pattinson's eligibility is the buzz all around:

OK! Magazine just named RPattz as the number one most eligible bachelor.

On their heels, The Improper fielded a survey asking who would be best suited for Rob, and over 13,000 women responded:
Nikki Reed, Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart,

95.3 percent (12,300 fans)– said that Kristen would be the best match for the laid-back, fun-loving Rob.
1.69 percent (219 fans)- voted for Natalie Portman
1.25 percent (169 fans)- voted for Nikki Reed
The rest of the votes, less than 2 percent, were cast for other people.

Both Rob and Kristen have said that they have found it hard to deal with their sudden fame because they know fans are relating more to their characters than to them directly.
Robert Pattinson [edward] by hmgirl1.
Lines between Robert Pattinson and Edward Cullen are often blurred

Rob told Elle Japan, "I don't have a 'type. I like it when people aren't afraid to express themselves in what they wear or how they behave. It's annoying when people are afraid to be themselves."

Rob has also mentioned the preference for strong, intellectual and even older women. "Even though it sounds odd, I like self confidence," he says. "What's strange is that I mostly like strong girls, but with them, I have the most problems."

Thanks to hmgirl1 for the pic!


  1. I am a smart, older self confident woman. I wear what I want and don;t care if people like it. Now any suggestions on getting him to meet me? i don't want to appear like a crazy staler Twi-mom, kwim?

  2. That's the part I struggle with too- But hey, us cougars are savvy; we should be able to concoct something, right?

  3. =) Thanks for the tip. I really love that RP/EC banner.