Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Washington State Passes "Vampire" Bill

Washington State dwellers- your lawmakers are working hard in the senate to bring vampires back to your neck 'o the woods. Seriously. reports:

The Washington Senate on Tuesday passed a bill designed to make the area more attractive for television and film productions, like the teen vampire thriller "Twilight," which was shot in Kalama - though the popular book series actually takes place in the Olympic Peninsula town of Forks.

Speaking in favor of House Bill 2042, Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle, said she was disturbed that the "Twilight" sequel is supposedly going to film in British Columbia to take advantage of the better deals producers can get there.

""This has to do with making our state more competitive in motion picture production," Kohl-Welles said.

The measure passed 44-2. It now goes to Gov. Chris Gregoire.

Twilight Movie- Baseball Game ATTACK! by hvyilnr.
Washington: Keeping the State beautiful one indie flick at a time

What do you think, Twilighters? Excited that the state is working so hard to attract production companies, or disgusted that taxpayer money is being spent on "frivolous" fodder?


  1. Being a Washington State resident and a fellow Twilight addict I think this rocks!

  2. It does stink that they moved EVERYTHING up to Vancouver- even rebuilding Bella's house?!

    Hope it works out for you guys!!