Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twits- Who's the Real Deal?

Twilight Lexicon gave readers the 411 on who's the real Twit deal and Twitter deets to look for when deciding who is and who is not an imposter:

The only public Twitter accounts that we can confirm as real are as follows:

Jamie Campbell Bower

Michael Sheen

Be skeptical of supposed real accounts, here’s a couple easy ways tell when they are real or fake:
  • Photos are only of official PR shots
  • Tweets happen while actual filming is taking place. 2/3 of the supposed Rob and Kristen accounts send tweets when they are actually on set.
  • If a star has a real account that they have not disclosed to the public, their Tweets are most likely locked because it would be a PR nightmare otherwise. The likelihood of them friending someone they have never met to see private tweets is slim to none.
  • Check the stars official websites and interviews, and see if they mention their official twitters, MySpaces, Facebooks.
  • Check what accounts they are following. chances are they are not just following the accounts of fellow castmates, they do have other friends.

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