Friday, April 24, 2009

Twi-Hunks on J-14 Magazine cover make me feel REALLY old!

The latest issue of J-14 Magazine has pics of Robert and Taylor:
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In it, Pattinson talks about his paranoia. “I’m quite a paronoid person. I don’t like having my photo taken. I don’t like the attention,” admits Pattinson.


  1. I'm with you! But is it just me or does R-Patts stand out just a tad there??? I might be just trying to make myself feel less ridiculous for being all smitten at my age, but seriously - that look on his face - to me - says "WTF am I doing here wedged between Miley Cyrus and a weird-looking Jo-Bro?!" [sorry to anyone that adores whichever one that is but they all look a little off to me. Maybe not the one that looks older, but I think they must be feeding him something to keep him looking as young as the others - lol!]

  2. LOL- That's EXACTLY what he's thinking- WTF??