Monday, April 20, 2009

Sneak-peek of New Moon Vampy Fashion

We've already been privy to the birthday party scene fashions, thanks to set-stalkers, but Boxwish brings us a little more of a peek into the New Moon costuming:

Nikki Reed was quite critical of how the Cullen clan looked in Twilight and of her hopes that changes in their styles would be afoot for New Moon. Well, it seems she’s getting her wish. There’s a long black empire-line dress with an asymmetric hem worn with pointy-toed high heels and a tight above-the-knee black dress with metallic silver heels. It definitely hints at a more sexy and sophisticated Rosalie than the Jacket and Jeans Look of Twilight.


His style looks a lot more consistent, still favouring boots and keeping things quite smart with dark jeans, dark blazer, lilac shirt and grey V-neck jumper.

His look is still full of the icy tones that characterised the Cullens and the mix of mature professional and genial patriarch that helps stamp his authority. Actor Peter Facinelli has been photographed onset wearing grey formal trousers, black oxford shoes, a white shirt with subtle check pattern, pale blue neck tie, pale grey button-up cardigan and matching scarf.

He’s seemingly keeping things young and casual with jeans and a horizontally-patterned grey top with chest buttoning, yet has also acquired a new street smartness evidenced by his grey shirt (sleeves rolled to the elbow like Edward), grey formal waistcoat, jeans and black lace-up shoes.


  1. i lovee twiligh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. you knoe wat they sould do do all da movies it doesnt matter if robert is 22 or watever age n da others ther just b one year oder n mayn=be changeing a little look dosent hurt n thr are a thosand good makeup artist to make u how ever u wanna look so i say keep on makinq all da movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=))lotss of lovee!