Friday, April 10, 2009

Robert Reveals Reasons behind Shearing his Trademark Locks

Twilighters world-wide freaked out when Robert Pattinson shore his locks shortly after the U.S. release of the blockbuster movie.

Pattinson, 22, recently explained why he decided to drop the messy hairdo in favor of a much shorter haircut. He told Tiger Beat magazine, "People ambush me and want to touch my hair."
He recalled a moment went it became clear he had to lose his unkempt hairdo. "I was in New York doing a radio interview and there were people sending in messages. 95% percent of the messages were saying 'Take your hat off.' I was just like, 'Okay.' When people say something has become a trademark, you have got to get rid of it. It's the worst."

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart walk the red carpet at the world premiere of Summit Entertainment's 'Twilight' by travelingapostrophe3.

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