Sunday, April 19, 2009

Robert Pattinson in his Birthday Suit!

Ha-ha, you saucy RPattz fans... get your minds out of the gutter....

It's not enough that we have pics of the Twi-Crew in their birthday party suits. The cast recorded a little diddy for Italian fans as well, and NMM snagged a copy of it

Check it:


  1. Perfect tag line! I was out of internet range for the weekend--thank you for catching me up. This little diddy makes me very excited for the movie. We are all going to be plain stupid by November.

  2. Lol- not too misleading, eh? :) It's so true; I feel like I know Twilight in and out, and I was only giddy for it a month in advance. Waiting for New Moon is painful!

  3. PB--now you understand the pain I went through last year. I am glad I can share the pain with you this go around. :)