Friday, April 10, 2009

Rob won't screw girls just because he's told to...

Ted Casablanca is telling me things I wanna hear. Sweet words about RPattz instead of the usual smut... and his theory makes perfect sense:

“Rob and Kristen would have to be very sneaky if they were dating. Everywhere [Kristen] goes, [Michael] now wants to go too. He’s extremely jealous. And let’s just say he’s been trying to be up in Vancouver a lot lately,” says our Industry insider.

So where does that leave Rob then, if there's a third wheel around?

rob robb by Priscila's*.

“By himself or with his publicist or manager, usually,” we’re told.

Disclaimer here folks: When we said yesterday that Robert “f--ks who he wants,” we did not mean it necessarily in a man-whoring way. Doug Reinhardt he most decidedly is not. We love our Pattz! We simply meant that R will not go screw or date girls just because he’s told to do so...à la other Twilight-ites.

We hear that Rob wanted to disprove that rumor so badly that he purposely tried to be photographed out with Kristen last week. Easier said than done. “He doesn’t want [Kristen] or anyone to think he’s dating Nikki.”

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