Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meyer adds an Item to the Project Book Babe Online Auction going on NOW!

Project Book Babe, an event designed to help Faith Hochhalter, aka “The Book Babe,” kicks off this Saturday. Hochhalter worked as a children’s book buyer and as a booking agent specializing in setting up school visits for several authors for the past 10 years. Her recent bout with breast cancer spurred the event, dedicated to her cause.

Stephenie Meyer considers Hochhalter a friend and mentor, and offered to participate in the fundraiser.

THE ONLINE AUCTION HAS STARTED! CLICK HERE to see all items on ebay, and help support Project Book Babe!!

Stephenie mentioned another item being added to the auction today; be sure and check it out:

I'm adding one more very special, one-of-a-kind item to my auction list for the Save the Book Babe event this Saturday. Hobo Skateboards has designed a beautiful The Host-themed board just for this fund raiser. Am I allowed to bid on this stuff? I'd better check.

Project Book Babe Skateboard
Hobo Skateboard

Hobo Skate Co. established early in 2009 by Jared Hancock and Chad Swensen is a premier skateboard and apparel company that donates 5% of all revenue to the Hobo Foundation. This foundation provides financial and other resources to the homeless. You can find them at

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