Friday, April 10, 2009

Peter Faccinelli: The Perfect Patriarch

Peter Facinelli, aka Dr. Carlisle Cullen, tells the Press Association that filming the Twilight Saga seems like working with family, and reveals that the makeup makes getting into character much easier.

Dr.Carlisle Cullen by musicgrl87.

"It was a lot of fun rejoining with the cast - it was like we hadn't even missed a day," said Facinelli. "You put the make-up on, you put the contact lenses in, you look in the mirror. There's the character. We have different contact lenses that are going to 'pop' a little bit more."

Peter also revealed he's set to make the third film in the series.

"Eclipse we're shooting in the fall," he said. "If the fans come out for the second movie and third movie, hopefully we get to shoot the last book and complete the series. That would be phenomenal."

Twilight Cullen Family by $@\\*Jaycelane*//@$.

Thanks to Our Twilight Chronicles for the tip!

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  1. Oh, don't worry Peter, the fans will come out. You'll be making the fourth. :)