Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On-set New Moon Interview with the Man Himself- Robert Pattinson

Instead of sifting through loads of teasers, which is a pleasure in itself for the eye-candy, In Case You Didn't Know provides the low-down on the Twi-cast interviews with ET:

Robert Pattinson says it feels “surprisingly natural” to be back in character as “Edward Cullen.” “I’m not stressed at all on this job, so it’s kind of a nice feeling. Since the film was a success so you get a little more free reign and people are more trusting.”

He goes on to assure fans that they will get plenty of Edward Cullen in the film, even though his character in the book is largely absent from the story. “It’s as close as possible to the book,” he says. “(In the film) it’s an illusion when he appears. I think if you do it with voice-over as they do in the book, it would end up being quite cheesy. But it’s very subtle, my presence. It’s actually quite scary because Bella is kind of going a little bit nuts. I was worried about having too much presence because you really need that relationship with Jacob to drive to the third and fourth books. You really need that triangle.”

On how life has changed for the cast since the success of Twilight, Rob says, “Now it’s funny, you can’t even get through to people on the phone. They won’t even let you ring people up. I can’t even ring down to reception and say let them (visitors) up. I have to literally go down and carry them.”

Rob admits that his sudden fame has had an effect on his friendships and personal relationships, “I’m always really worried about ruining their lives. Especially with people that aren’t famous. It’s such a massive change. I’m kind of a paranoid wreck. I’ve eaten a lot of room service.”

Edward/Bella/Jacob Triangle by addictedtotwilight84.

Taylor Lautner, who gained 30 pounds of muscle for his role as “Jacob Black,” tells ET how he felt when rumors swirled that another actor might be cast in New Moon, “When we wrapped Twilight I knew where Jacob’s character was going, so I started to get to work immediately. I started hitting the gym. I just stayed focused the whole time and the role was always mine. It was a lot of hard work but it’s definitely paying off now.”

On the pressure to make this film another box office success, he says, “Now we have very high expectations. It’s a little nerve-wracking at points, but for the most part it’s just really exciting to be back and going.”

Kristen Stewart, “Bella Swan,” tells ET that Rob will have a chance to play a more frightening Edward in this film, “The dream sequences are really eerie. Edward gets a chance to be a little bit more scary and not so perfect.”

When asked if she is an Edward girl or a Jacob girl, Kristen exclaims, “I’m seriously not even allowed to answer that question!” (Note: she must've had some media training on this one- Kristen's mentioned before that she'd be Team Edward.)

When asked if Rob had a sister, who would he rather have her date, Edward Cullen or Jacob Black, he laughs and jokes, “Edward’s wealthier!”

*it's very subtle-my presence*- EEK! So excited all over again... why do I taunt myself with this blog?

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  1. Have you seen the piece on Henry Cavill at

    What do you think of him? I wasn't on the bandwagon before the movie was done, so I never heard of this dude being considered. I'm glad he was too old, though, or else I wouldn't have discovered my new fave Brit...

  2. Aha- I saw this from you yesterday, just ran out of hours to post- I'll check it again today! I was disappointed when I saw that Cavill wasn't going to be Edward... until I saw the movie and swooned HARD over Pattinson. Damm Edward Cullen