Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Taylor Bone-Us... I mean Bonus Video

Taylor fixing to tie me up in the back of a car working out those pecs and biceps to look good half-nekked for his shirtless scenes... thank you, Miss Lainey!

Need some still shots? Never fear...
Awww... is that his dog? Darn; he just turned from Mr. Lautner back to doll-baby Taylor again! He IS a shape-shifter!


  1. omg! I read "Bone-us" and totally lost it! *note to self* do not consume tasty beverages while reading PillowBiters.

    I love the "workout-on-wheels-mobile"!

  2. Dude, I just choked on my waffle!! You are so funny! I thought the bone-us thing was funny. But when I read the 'tie me up in the car' I damn near died laughing.

  3. teeheehee....I just laughed out loud (a little too loud) and got some concerned looks!

    Damn! Is just me or is he getting hotter?! It's getting hotter in here....ok. Bye.

  4. I think both! He is hotter and lookin' older! When is he 18, I don't want to go to jail!!

  5. I am w/ kdgrimmer - I totally sprayed my nice green tea all over the place when I caught a look at "Bone-Us" - I should know better by now than to drink & blog, but I just don't learn, I guess...

    And OMG I HAVE that stupid "handles on a rubber-band-on-steroids" thingy he's working out with!!! If I dig it out of the closet and blow the dust bunnies off of it, can I have pecs like Taylor?! Er, I mean the more "lady-like" version of his pecs??? Please???

  6. Holy eff, so much swoonage for New Moon. @__@

    Bone-us!! LOL!

  7. You guys are a riot!

    The only reason I even clarified Bone-us as Bonus is in the off-chance that Taylor's mom was reading this; I would be mortified. Yes. I'm delusional.

  8. every time I read this I laugh so hard! I was trying to explain to my husband what was so funny, and when I tried to say "bonus" it came out "bone us"! I can't even say "bonus" anymore! *fail*