Sunday, April 12, 2009

KStew: from Androgyny to Bella Swan

Early modeling pics of Robert seem salacious, but Kristen Stewart wasn't the cats' meow herself, says former schoolmates.

The Enquirer cites a source that says his adorable co-star and Twilight cutie Kristen Stewart was an ugly duckling as a child - and commonly mistaken for a boy, former classmates dished.

A yearbook photo taken six years ago when Kristen attended seventh grade in Calabasas, Calif - shows the "duckling" before she took flight as a swan, the report adds.
kristen stewart yearbook by twifansalison.
"The first week that Kristen showed up in her seventh grade class, everyone thought she was a boy," disclosed a former school pal. “It took most students a long time to realize she was actually a girl, and then we learned she was a star.”

“She wore her hair pulled back in a ponytail, baggy sweat clothes and boys’ tennis shoes...She was very athletic, dressing and acting the part of a typical jock. I felt bad for her because a lot of people made cruel jokes behind her back about how boyish she was."
kristen stewart yearbook by twifansalison.
pictures courtesy of TwiFans

Ha - who's laughing now? Kristen has blossomed from ugly duckling to Bella Swan- aha- I just got that pun...

This article is NOT meant to slam Kristen. Because really, who can look back at awkward pre-pubescent pictures and say "I looked smokin' in junior high!" Just goes to show that we're all just people, actors included.

Kristen Stewart by ❀LilohLeti❀.


  1. Too funny! I was going to say "WOW she looks exactly the same!" but then I read that those pics are only from SIX YEARS AGO!! And she was in seventh grade... OMG does that make me feel like a total geezer! I may have to find a new hobby - this one keeps getting more and more embarrassing! : )

  2. Lol, I love your "duckling to swan" light-bulb! :)

  3. Haha- I never professed to be ahead of the curve! Blonde moment-doh!