Thursday, April 9, 2009

"I would DIE to be in Twilight"

Kim Kardashian told PopEater:

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On Buzz Saying She Should Be in 'Twilight': "I've never even heard of this. Yea, I would like die to be in 'Twilight' ... being around all those hot guys. I want to be a vampire. I would be one that was probably nice -- no, I kind of want to be evil. I don't know what I'd want to be -- just a vampire. I didn't read (the 'Twilight' books), but my little sisters are obsessed with 'Twilight.'" by SeenON!.
Head to the back of the line, chick!


  1. *throws up a bit in mouth* no need to skank up the franchise... *puts up an anti-celebutant sign on series*


  2. Ugh, can you even imagine?! LOL What part would she even play? Hearing stuff like this is what makes me appreciate indie chick KStew...

  3. Wow she hasn't read the books, (I bet its beyond her reading level) but she wants to be part of it. Is anyone else tired of her?

  4. I never liked her enough to tire of her-- who is she, anyhow?

  5. She's known for making a porno with that chick from Moesha's brother *shudders* and something about her dad was OJ's lawyer..

    Twifession, hun anything above Dr. Seuss is above her reading level....