Thursday, April 16, 2009

How'd I Miss Hump Day Heart-Rob Wednesday?? Everything's Coming Up Roses with Rob...

Twilight Love by Jacob Blacks Lil' WolfGirl =D.

Alex Meraz dished to E! at the Armani Exchange watch launch party last night.

"He smells like roses! The first time I met him, I was like, 'Dude, you smell fantastic!'" Alex continued. "I don't know where people get this stuff from."

What was Rob's reaction to Alex's opening line?

"He blushed and did his hair thing," Meraz said. "He's comfortable in his own sexuality."

photo by Jacob Black's Lil WolfGirl


  1. I would LOVE to take a whiff of Rob! (that came out weird) ...seriously his GQ cover photo he looks like he smells delicious! =D

  2. A super hot dude telling another super dreamy dude that he smells fantastic? Priceless.


  3. Add Daniel Cudmore in there and. Damm.

  4. That video cracked me up and really made my day - and it's been a BAD BAD BAD day for me. So I needed that!

    : )

  5. Sooo sorry, Snarky- sometimes all you need is a bit of Twi-candy to make it a little bit better...