Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fortress Guy reviews Twilight with an open mind

I'm always interested in hearing the viewpoint of someone who hasn't devoured the Twilight Saga series. The elusive Fortress Guy recently reviewed of Twilight and, much to my delight, was able to pick out some of the positive (and rightly negative) nuances of the film.

Here's a sprinkling of his views; be sure and check out fortress takes for the entire synopsis!

To the film’s credit, none of the vampires were portrayed as terribly happy. Some smiled on the outside, but all were tortured by the hunger or constant pursuit.

The acting was consistently low-key. Good guy, bad guy, vampire and human all lived a subdued life. While female lead actress Kristen Stewart did a good job, she only had to master that “look of quiet wonder and curiosity” with her mouth slightly open. Really. Watch the film and notice that she wears a variant of this expression 93.2% of the film.
There is again.  The expression is harder NOT to find.  But at least it is fetching.

Unlike some book fans, we found Robert Pattinson’s “Edward” adequately portrayed with no adjustment. (Although we admit portraying an established romantic character can be an uphill battle.) We found the leader of the good vampire group, Carlisle to be an intriguing character along with the dark haired future seer Alice. There is more to their stories in the future we are sure.


Important to us at the Fortress was treating the book with respect (and we do not even read this series!) Thankfully the book Twilight was not bastardized by most accounts. It is not a film version of every single page, but it is a movie which faithfully represents the careful pace and feel of this romantic-fantasy novel.

By the way, just in case you did not believe me about that expression...

Epilogue: By the way, just in case you did not

believe me about that expression...

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