Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Edward Cullen vs. Angel: Who Would Alice Bet On?

MTV talked to Michelle Trachtenberg, who isn't sure who she'd put her money on. "I think Angel's bigger than Edward Cullen, just physically, so it would be a battle to the pointy teeth. We'd have to see it play out. I couldn't possibly predict it."


  1. Actually.. My money would be on Angel.


    Angel has a dark side (Angelus)
    Angel has fought the minions of hell!
    Angel is taller, broodier and has sword skills!
    Angel is older....He's forever 27 lol

    And lastly why Angel would kick Edward's bum...


  2. Darn it. I want to say Edward Cullen with all my heart, but in all fairness, I'm not familiar with Angel. I do fancy a man in a trench coat, but Edward Cullen makes a peacoat look amazing! ;)

  3. BTW, hey Gallifrey- I see you on here often chick! Nice to meet ya!

  4. Actually Edward would win I'm sure! I LOVE Angel! BUT The vampires in the Buffy the vampire slayers world are easier to kill. Not as fast as Edward and have more weaknesses like crosses, stakes, sunlight its not even fair to compare!

  5. Oh did I mention that Angel is a pro when it comes to the whole woe is me I'm a monster spiel? hehe

    anon-that is because they follow the traditional mythology of the vampire, but my money is still on Angel!!

    And hey PillowB! Nice to meet ya as well! I likey the blog!!:D

  6. This is almost painful to say, because I'm a *die hard* Angel fan! Ohhh yeah...tall, dark, handsome, bad & immortal...right up my fictional alley.

    Edward Cullen. Hands down.
    1. He can't be "staked" (being made of granite, and all) or "garlic-ed" or burned with "Holy stuff" He's pretty much indestructible!

    2. The whole mind-reading thing. (pssht..try and get past that.)

    3. Aaaaaand he's just THAT good. I mean...he's Edward freakin' Cullen.

    ...*sigh*...I still love you Angel. And your trench coat.


  8. LOL Tasha

    If Twilight was based in the regular canon.. Edward would get busted up

    and anon..lmao i love the caption!

  9. This is true.

    ...*siiigghh*...I'm really missing Angel now. Where are all the re-runs??

  10. I think Edward would totally beat the crap out of Angel...but see if he had to face Spike...uhh I'm not so sure about that Cullen!

  11. uhh i'm pretty sure angel would win, but i love twilight.

    1. angel is bigger, more muscular.
    2. he has wayy more experience with fights.
    3. he's been a vampire for over 2 and half centuries.
    4. he has a dark side "Angelus".
    5. angel is the "true" monster here. seriously, if he can beat that stone hard beast in the season 4 episodes, i'm pretty sure he can beat edward.
    6. lastly, angel takes EVERYTHING seriously. he's a "broody in the dark" type of vampire.