Friday, April 3, 2009

Do the Cake Eater Reshuffle for a FREE poster!

The official Cake Eater Blog dares you to be different:

When The Cake Eaters hit the big box stores last week, it was supposed to be placed on shelves next to Twilight because of star Kristen Stewart. Well, that didn't happen.
While Cake Eaters is certainly at a store near you, it's probably placed somewhere far, far away from Twilight, which means a wider audience is missing out!
The Cake Eaters DVD by vinylfooteproductionsnewyork.

So here's our assignment for you. Like Cake Eaters? Want others to get turned on to this sweet indie flick?
* Head to the Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Borders store near you and do a little reshuffling. Pick up Cake Eaters from wherever it is and move it to a prominent spot on a Twilight display.
* Snap a picture of yourself while you're at it and e-mail it to us with your mailing address, store's name and name of town where it's located.

* We'll send you a FREE (100% free) poster your way.
* We'll also post your picture on the site (unless you tell us that you don't want us to).

Send photos and details to us at

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