Wednesday, April 8, 2009

British Twilighters- A special challenge to you from me...

British. Beautiful. With Golden Eyes. Sounds like Robert Pattinson, no?

Well, get ready, because there are about to be a whole lot more. The company that is releasing the Twilight DVD in England (yep, the same ones who took Rob-bites out of the DVD case!) is hiring models to wear golden contacts with the words Twilight DVD on them.

Those Cullen look-alikes will wander around London and dazzle people into buying the film when it comes out.

NOTE: Please, please... if any of you gals from the UK see any of
models, will you take a pic and send it my way??
This is just too wild...


  1. I. Is. Scared.

    I swear it just moved....right there...did you see it?!

    This is like Thriller...gone wrong. MJ is waaaay scarier though.

  2. I'm confused. Are they trying to promote the DVD or scare people away from it?

    Haha- you remember Thriller... me too. sigh.

  3. I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight....

    Yeeessss I do! I'm an early 80s bebe.

    I believe I might even know the choreography from the video...did I just admit that? crap.