Friday, April 3, 2009

Adaline Jumps on the Pattinson Bandwagon

Looks like Adaline, the Canadian singer who had a short conversation with Rob at the Juno after-party, is taking full advantage of her 15 minutes of fame.

Check out Adaline's MySpace page and get a free MP3 of one of her songs:


Hey Everyone! As a way to say thanks to everyone who have been so supportive over the last 30 hours, here is a free mp3 of my single "Whiter/Straighter"! I'll keep it posted here for the next week so please feel free to share it!
I hope you enjoy! If you would like more of my music (my debut album, "Famous For Fire" has 12 tracks), you can find all the songs on itunes or Just search "adaline".


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