Friday, April 10, 2009

5 questions surrounding New Moon; 1st teaser trailer out May 5!

This article is a little droll, asking questions that most Twi-hards have pondered from time to time. Deadbolt asks the top five questions surrounding New Moon, which in a nutshell are:

So what's the Twilight deal on New Moon in Italy?

Why do the New Moon stars HAVE to be in love with each other?

What can we expect from the New Moon teaser trailer?

What other New Moon casting surprises can we expect?

Will the hype for New Moon eventually hurt the Twilight stars?
The official one__ by darien.kiire[[TwiLuvR]].
What I DID take away from this article is that the first teaser trailer for New Moon will be included on the upcoming May 5 Amazon release of Twilight Blu-Ray Ultimate Collector's Set.

That means we have less than a month to wait. But if the first New Moon poster is our gauge, don't hold your breath!!

Thanks to NMM!

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