Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where in the world are your favorite Twi-Cast members roaming?

Ashley Green

Ashley Greene was at Hot Topic in Hollywood- Moon and UC at Letters to Rob had the chance to meet up with her...

Seriously, amazing night. I was high on adreneline and that’s the only reason I wasn’t falling asleep standing up. Thanks to Ashley Greene for being your adorable, awesome self. Thanks to Moon for not eating dinner and running all over town to ensure we had an amazing night- plus putting the Edward Cullen PillowCase on the bed to welcome me to your home.

Kellan, Rachelle, and Ashley (making the rounds!)

Saturday afternoon, Kellan, Rachelle and Ashley made a stop at Shop Kitson in West Hollywood to promote the Twilight DVD and their Twilight Tees.


Award of the night, or perhaps the year, for most caring Twi-Cast Member....

Peter Facinelli

From Becky G posted at TwiCrack:

Friday at 7pm: Peter Facinelli aka Dr. Cullen attended a free screening of Twilight at Fort Lewis Washington base. Theater attendance was free to all military and their dependents. After the screening, Peter did a Q&A for all attending.

Saturday from 9:30am to 10:30pm: Peter stayed to do autographs and pictures. He did this without lunch or dinner he spent quality time with his fans and there was no limit on how many items you wanted signed. He also took pictures with his fans as well, and Peter canceled his flight tonight due to the overwhelming amount of fans that were in attendance; he refused to leave until all fans were able to have their DVDs signed.

Peter said he was given a choice of coming to a DVD signing in Chicago or Fort Lewis , and he chose Fort Lewis as he wanted to thank soldiers and families for their service. I witnessed Peter thank and shake every soldiers hand that came thru the line I commend peter for his time. He is truly the most classy and giving of any of the cast of the Twilight series. I personally stood in line from 11am to 8pm to get a signature and behind me were probably 100 more fans.

Thanks so much to Cullen Boys Anonymous for the tips!

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