Thursday, March 19, 2009

Want Bella's hair? Get a stylist and hair extensions...

Boxwish posted part deux today- Get the Hair of the Twilight Stars.

Bella's luscious locks were not all obtained by natural means:

"Why? Being a minor during most of Twilight’s shooting schedule (she turned 18 during filming), her hours of work were limited by law and as such all time was precious leading the hairstyling team to use a hair piece. This meant she didn’t have to spend hours being groomed (unlike Pattinson!), and was cleverly applied to the back of her head, concealed by the hairband Bella often wears. She even had multiple pieces to hand, in case one got too wet."
Bella Promo by musicgrl87.

If you're hankerin' to look just like Bella, or other cast members, you can pick up some of the fashions worn in the movie as well:

Green Top Look – Bella Swan

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