Saturday, March 14, 2009

Twilight- Bringing Multi-Generations of Women/Girls Together...

Amanda Bell from the Twilight Examiner poses an interesting theory that Twilight Moms can relate to. She suggests that families are benefiting from the Twilight Saga. She brings up several points:

* Mothers and daughters are sharing theories and deep conversations about literature; even grandmothers and their grandchildren are opening whole new lines of communication in response to the Twilight series.

* Young women are learning the value of chastity and regaining hopes of true love in the face of the cynicism that the twenty-first century has brought them. Women of all ages are brought back to the memories of first loves and the belief in their Prince Charming. (With this point, I have to disagree. As much as I thought this would happen, I have friends with junior high school boys who are distraught because girls are telling them, 'I would DIE for you.' Disturbing.)

* Critics of the series and its fans suggest that it is laden with sensationalism, sending the wrong message to teens and the public. Some critics say that the country's interest in fantasy stories and vampire tales such as Twilight are just silly.

* But the series is a best-seller for good reason: it is a beautiful love story with many delicate emotions on careful display throughout the story; it promotes virtue, self-respect, and sacrifice; it has the effect of putting its reader into a joyous comfort zone.

* The fact that, to add to its list of wonders, it is creating a threshold for the strengthening and creation of personal relationships and conversation is quite a bonus.

Kristen Stewart(Bella Swan) Robert Parttinson (Edward Cullen) by Clarissa1309.

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