Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TwiFans Don't Know How to Make a Kitty.... Meee owww...

A couple of members over at TwiFans had the incredible opportunity to attend the Catherine Hardwicke book signing. Looks like the highlight was their little diddy sung with none other than Ned "Waylon"Bellamy...

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They also listened to Catherine discuss various production elements of the movie:

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Catherine discusses Unit 1 (the real actors) and Unit 2 (stunt doubles) and in detail with diagrams tell us how she did "her most difficult and challenging scene to shoot" the flying through the tree scene and the tree top shots. Catherine says it was "very scary and exciting". A behind the scene clip of wind blowing through Edward and Bella's hair while jumping to the tree from the Cullen house. It made us giggle. The tree top instructions from Catherine and lots of screaming each time we saw Robert. A crane was used with the tree top scene with a camera strapped to it for the "dreamy, dilerious feeling". And how the stunt almost got blown out of the tree!

Check out TwiFans for the whole scoop!

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