Monday, March 30, 2009

Twi-Stars in Vancouver

Despite Lainey's Gossip tartness, she always comes through with fantasmic pics. Sounds like Vancouver is the happening place these days; Rob attended the Juno after-party there. Here are a few of the gang over the weekend:
Kristen, Nikki, and Kristen's man


  1. Kind of weird that KStew BF is now looking and dressing exactly like Rob! I saw pics of him last year and he sure didn't look like this! I mean he's even wearing strips, leather, the same style sunglasses, and a beard! He must really love her to do this!

    Too about Taycob...he just looks fat now.

  2. He must be trying his darndest to keep her.. there's no comparison between him and the charming Robert.

    As for Taycob... I think you'll eat those words when you see him half-nekked come November. Just a theory! ;)