Thursday, March 19, 2009

Twi-Heads Gotcher Hot Pockets, Robert!

Anyone else think that Rob talking about/storing in his fridge/eating Hot Pockets is super sexy? The gals at Twilight-Headed must be on the same page with me. They transcribed the "Hot Pocket" interview and gab about it at the end. It's a must read. Here's the jist, but head over there to read the whole she-bang in a post they call:

We've Got Your Hot Pockets

You all have probably heard (once or twice) that Mr. Sparklepants likes Hot Pockets. This is just one of the interviews where he's mentioned them.

(The Hot Pocket discussion starts at 5:38 and goes for just over a minute but Spank transcribed it for your convenience)

Boring Interviewer: Are you able to, you know, go out and go to the store? I was just reading the article in Entertainment Weekly --you love a good Hot Pocket. Can you run out to the store and get your...?

Mr. Sparklepants: I think that's one of the things about my lifestyle. I live such a kind of cheap lifestyle that like no one who would have any interest in Twilight or movies at all would be in the same place, so uh, yeah, you just go into 7/11's and stuff.

Boring Interviewer: Are you a 7/11 goer?

Mr. Sparklepants: I'm not so much a 7/11 -- 7/11 is a little bit too far away from my apartment. I pretty much go to the convenience store inside my apartment building which has a good selection of Hot Pocket.

Boring Interviewer: What would be your favorite Hot Pocket, your an aficionado?

Mr. Sparklepants: I think the pepperoni and sausage one. I think that one is like a few levels above the other ones. I'm really disappointed that they backed down and did the vegetarian ones. I think that's, you know, that's just pandering.

Boring Interviewer: I know that is so anti-Hot Pocket.

Mr. Sparklepants: There's no point....

Read the rest here.

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