Friday, March 27, 2009

Taylor Lautner can Apologize to me any day. *Swoon*

Hellzbellz- where did this come from and why have I never seen this video featuring Mr. Lautner?

I know nothing about it, except that it's NOT the original music video. Does anyone have any enlightenment, or should I just keep watching and pretending he's fresh meat a fabulous singer?
Thanks, JacStar!


  1. ROFL, he did it for a school project a year or so ago? Not sure how far back it was made but definitely before Twilight started filming. x]

  2. Wow! None of my school projects ever looked like THAT!

  3. @ pillow biter - Seriously! My school projects usually consisted of stick figures and shoe boxes. LOL.

  4. from what i researched, i mean HEARD, it was a school project done a few years back. that girl is his ex-girlie. i'm assuming this since they have tons of boyf-girlf pics online. not that i didn't have anything better to do than look up a teen-wolf's life online . . . ugggh. i feel like such a pedoph!