Thursday, March 19, 2009

*Spoiler*- Twilight DVD: Rob's Best Comedic Commentary Lines

4TNZ scored an advanced copy of Twilight and agrees that Rob's sultry British voice lends the majority of comedic relief to the commentary.

Here are some of his best lines:

"Never trust a guy who plucks his eyebrows."

"I have so many inexplicable facial expressions in this movie."

"I had pecs for about two days. Everyone would hate me. Just look at me walking around with my little peacoat on. My little customized pea coat."

"Sometimes I think I look like I’ve had facial reconstructive surgery. Like after burns."

"I hate people who cry around me. I'm not friends with them anymore. Especially girls. Cuz girls are crying all the time. It's like, 'Shut up.' But I was crying over something legitimate. A movie."

"I'd love to be able to fit in a box. Like one of those people who fit into small boxes. I'd love it."

[Scene in the forest where Edward asks Bella, "What do we eat?"]: "Cheeseburgers."

[Scene where Edward shows off his sparkly body]: "I'm sorry, Bella. I'm just like a sweaty guy."

"I notice I have one of those butt chins. Like a nubbin."

robert pattinson by chris abigail.
And that's reason #128 why we love us some Mr. Hunky Spunk....

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