Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spoiler: Star Spills Self-Depricating Commentary from RPattz

Millions of Twi-teens and Twilight Moms will be watching the DVD Saturday night at homespun Release Parties. The majority of us have seen the movie, some more than others *ahem*, and what I'm looking most forward to is the commentary. Specifically, that hawt British accent.

Imagine my *squeal* happiness to find that the journalist at the Kansas City Star indeed, finds RPattz to be the best part of the commentary. She writes:

"There he is with director Catherine Hardwicke and co-star Kristen Stewart in the audio commentary on the new “Twilight” DVD, dissing himself and tossing in silly bits of new dialogue for his vampire hottie character, Edward Cullen.

•During the school cafeteria scene where an iconic apple bounces off Edward’s feet and into his hands: “Wow, he’s a superhuman moron. … He wears lipstick, has a little bouffant and does little circus acts.”

OH MY ROBERT!!!!!!!!! by loso cullen.

•A make-out scene with his human girlfriend, Bella (Stewart):

edward and bella by a1y53_210.

“I’ve got one of those butt chins” — explaining his usual stubble and beards off camera. During other pivotal scenes Pattinson pipes in to point out his “scraggly sideburns,” “effeminate hands,” “sculpted eyebrows” and a clueless “where am I?” gaze. (Note to Rob: Some of us like to refer to that gaze as "come hither" bedroom eyes, sweetie..)

•In the forest, when Edward is warning Bella to stay away:

Edward Cullen by RoRo (:.

Edward: “Do you know what vampires eat?”

Pattinson (in a high, nasal voice): “Cheeseburgers!”

•During the romantic prom dance in the gazebo, when Edward leans in toward Bella’s outstretched neck:

Edward and Bella at the Prom by Jacob Blacks Lil' WolfGirl =D.

Hardwicke: “Oh … that’s hot.”

Stewart: “That was really difficult on my neck.”

Pattinson: “I look like an anime character.”

Who knew that self-deprication and ilicit humbleness on a tall, lanky Britt would be considered so hot? I can't WAIT for Saturday night!!


  1. A butt chin? That's hilarious. Doesn't he know how many guys wish they had a beautiful chin like that?! Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about the scruff and beard, I love those, but they do obscure that lovely jaw sometimes.

  2. Jaw PORN! I've never been so turned on by a flippin' JAWLINE before! I never noticed he had a butt chin, though- maybe I've been too focused on the jaw. tee hee.