Friday, March 13, 2009

*Spoiler* behind the scene- Hospital scene has posted a short behind the scenes snippet of the making of the hospital scene:

It may be short, but I weeped. This scene is the one Rob thought the most romantic to shoot. You can feel his tenderness here.. sigh...

In other DVD feature news, Kellan told MTV:

"I'm really looking forward to watching the audition process," Lutz explained of a DVD feature that will show many of the actors' first attempts at portraying the "Twilight" characters. "My audition process was really quite crazy in itself, [because] there was somebody already cast to play Emmett and he fell through ... I'm really quite anxious to see the auditions of the other characters — talking to Ashley [Greene], they auditioned her, like, five times to get the role of Alice. She first auditioned for Bella, and then they called her back a couple of weeks later for Alice — it's just really interesting to see that process, because all of them are so different."
Kellan (Emmett) & Ashley (Alice) by [AP|Fashionist].

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