Friday, March 6, 2009

Solidarity Suits Stewart

ShowBizSpy reports that Kristen Stewart is looking forward to begin shooting New Moon on March 23:

She says, "Yeah [I'm excited]. I mean, it's interesting. It's a completely different story. It's like it entirely undermines the first. Edward is gone and, for me, that was the whole story. It's hard for me to get past like… I don't know how Bella is going to deal with that.

"She matures a lot. It's a much more painful story than the first one. It's actually quite devastating. It's a smaller scale as well. She's very solitary for quite a while so that will be interesting. I'm excited about that."

Twilight-Bella by hvyilnr.

Though I crave anything that offers more insight into the tone of the next movie, I can't help but wonder who's crawled inside Kristen and enticed, er.. forced her to begin spewing these sickly sweet interviews...

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