Tuesday, March 24, 2009

She's a MAN, baby!

Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart, and Kristen's mom will all be tied up briefly over the summer shooting K-11.

"K-11" will be the directorial debut for Kristen's mother, Jules Mann-Stewart. It will tell the story behind the most bizarre unit in all of L.A. county lock-up, which houses transvestites, transsexuals, and the occasional high profile celebrity.

Nikki will transform from the most beautiful woman in the world to a... man. "My character, Mousy, is a male prostitute, and he goes in and out of the jail because it is comfortable to have a place to sleep and recoup and relax and have food and shelter - [when he] gets sent back out, there is a lot of underground drug stuff that is going on. [K-11] is a world in itself," she said.

About Kristen's character, Nikki says, ""[Stewart] doesn't have the same level of physical transformation as me, but she definitely came to the table with a plethora of ideas ... her character doesn't have facial hair or an Adam's apple [because] she is playing more of a boy," so she explained.

Photo courtesy of 4TNZ

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  1. Um... That pic is really disturbing - lol! So Nikki had "Taylor hair" and Kristen is sporting "the Rob"?! That's sooo wrong. And really funny.