Friday, March 20, 2009

Robert Pattinson- One Famous, Sexy, Rebellious Beast

Sigh... for those of us not attending big parties tonight, here's some juiciness from the Enquirer about Rob:

On dealing with fame:

Rob can't blend in with the crowd anymore. He admitted to The Inquirer that he hasn't found his sudden fame the easiest thing to deal with.

He said: "When something or someone is hyped and you're put on the forefront of a lot of things, people want to tear you down.

"That's kind of scary, especially when you're not really putting yourself out there."

Robert Pattinson in Mexico  by [AP|Fashionist].
On making Edward Cullen sexy:

"A lot of it has to do with not speaking - like that always makes somebody more attractive," he said.

"I wasn't really trying to play Edward as a sexy guy, though. He's not very sexy in the book. It's like he's just kind of mysterious and his whole personality works from a template. So it creates more mystery and whatever he says seems very contrived.

"He always has a completely opposite thought to what he's saying in his head. He's always hiding things.

"A lot of the attraction to someone is always frustration and that's what a lot of the story is."

On rebellion:

The 22-year-old denies that he was a rebellious teenager.

Rob told The Inquirer: "I really wasn't very much of a rebel. I'm seen by people now as more of a rebel which is strange. "I don't like doing what people tell me to do, but I don't deliberately rebel against them."

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