Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rob: Street Cred Value for my Beamer not worth risking Death.

Rob has moved on from his junker 1989 convertible BMW! From Reuters, through Robsessed:

"He has now has leased a new car and moved on from his 20 year-old convertible BMW, whose dashboard had reportedly once caught fire while Pattinson was driving.

Pattinson said the old junker was towed recently and that he had good reason for moving on to another ride, despite the appeal of showing he was still a regular guy who happens to be a movie star.

“I was getting a bit scared that I was going to die in it, and thinking is the street cred value worth dying for? And I kind of decided it wasn’t,” he told Reuters.

Still, the old car appears to continue to attract Pattinson, who in “Twilight” plays a vampire in a star-crossed love affair.

“I miss it already so I think I might go back to that one,” the actor said of his old BMW.

This article reminds me of one of my favorite interviews- Robert on Ellen. They talk at length about his car... that segment is about halfway through, but trust me, the whole thing will make you smile. and swoon.

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