Monday, March 16, 2009

Rob Shoves Things in the Microwave...

I found this blurb at My Park Magazine... I don't know where they heard this, and it has absolutely no newsworthy value, but it's kind of cute. Plus I'll expand upon this opportunity to find some eye candy, cause heaven knows we haven't had enough Mr. Hunky Spunk today with all that GQ sex hair, bedroom eyes and jaw porn taunting us....

Robert Pattinson enjoys experimenting with his food.

Rob has admitted in the past that he is a huge fast food and Diet Coke fan.

Now it seems he is enjoying using his first microwave.

Rob is spending a lot of his time looking for new things he can shove in his microwave.

He's tried most things, even microwaving a carrot.

We don't know what Rob's mum thinks of her son's new hobby but we think it's pretty funny.

At The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - November 26 by Clarissa1309.
Don't worry Rob- we'll twist our fingers through your... I mean, let us help you with those squirrels and mousse...

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  1. The GQ interview actually talks about his microwave. It's quoted here...