Sunday, March 15, 2009

Press time for KStew.... again....

Though Kristen Stewart is doing press time for "Adventureland", "New Moon" is the big flick on reporters' minds, and this is what she had to say:

About returning to film New Moon:

"Just picking up where we left off," she tells reporters. "The story, there's like a six month period between when the first one ended and the second one picks up, but nothing's changed. They're at a good solid place in their relationship, whatever. I'm interested to see him leave, because that's what the first one is entirely based on, it's just that abandoned devotion, just the ultimate love story and she's going to be stripped of that. So Bella's actually an interesting character on her own...

On Taylor Lautner:

Lautner's transformation has, apparently, been impressive. "He's jacked," Stewart says with a smile. "It's crazy. I've seen the steady progression. I've seen him a lot since then, so it's not been like... If I had seen Taylor who did 'Twilight' to Taylor who's about to start 'New Moon,' I'd be like... He's an entirely different person physically and he's also, it took him so much time, so he's devoted. He's amped. He's really excited."

Kristen Stewart&Taylor Lautner by TokioJonasLautner&Cullen.
On Dakota Fanning as Jane:

"I've always loved what she's done," Stewart says of Fanning. "She's very controlled and poised and in terms of the actual work that she makes, it's always so different and she's gonna rock this. Talk about abandon, she's gonna have to lose herself in this, because it's pretty heavy."

On previously feeling overwhelmed with the "Twilight" phenomenon:

"It's so much easier," she says. "It's just experience. It's just realizing that it's a different world. I'm just more aware. It's easier. It's like I'm not freaked out by it. It's all going to be fine, but at first I was just freaked out."

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