Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peace.Love.Twilight. hosts an insane giveaway!

My Twi-affiliate, Peace.Love.Twilight. is sponsoring a Twilight DVD Party Pack/Gift Basket supplied by Wal-Mart.. Read on for details and how you can enter to win!

This giveaway will begin Saturday, March 14 and end Tuesday, March 17 so you can receive your party pack in time for the DVD release.

Your Party Pack will include all the supplies you need for a DVD release/viewing party:
  • Twilight Soundtrack
  • T-shirts
  • Door Hangers
  • Tattoos
  • Candles
  • Snacks (Pepsi, Doritos, Popcorn, etc.)
  • Gift cards
By following our list of "ways to win" (included in full rules) you have extra "tickets" put into the container I'll be blindly choosing the winner from. Therefore, the more tickets you have in the drawing, the more likely you are to win!!

Ways to Win include simply commenting on the post, joining our forums, sending us your ideas for a Twilight DVD release party, and more! It's so easy and could take you as little as under a minute to enter.

See complete details and enter to win at Peace.Love.Twilight.


  1. Cool! Thanks for the FYI, I'll have to check that out. Oh, and in case I didn't tell you this already, I friggin' love your new blog banner!!!

  2. Sounds like a GREAT prize! Aha, you do like it? My best Twi-friend (in the real world) likes the other one better... I'm still torn. It doesn't look too cheesy, like my first attempt (which it was?)??

  3. yAY! We're giving away the same party-pack from wal-mart! So great of them to support Twi fans like this!