Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pattinson's Fans Will Soon See Him As A Proper Actor

Robert Pattinson's chap, Matthew McNulty, has feverishly fond things to say about RPattz, believing that Rob has much more talent than Twilight was able for him to show.

Matthew told The Evening Standard: "There's something that draws you to Rob. He is really intelligent and he's a charming chap as well.

"When the Twilight thing exploded I wasn't surprised. Little Ashes will be seen by a lot more people now.

"Previously he was just that guy from Harry Potter. The fact that he's playing Dali will wash that off a bit and people will see him as a proper actor."

Rob's fans will soon be able to see him in the film How To Be too.

How To Be movie Ft. Rob Pattinson by poisonedheart.
Rob in How To Be

The first time I saw The Haunted Airman, I was hooked. On Rob, not on Edward Cullen. And his continuing charm in every flick he does continues to win me over. I can't wait to see How to Be. But Little Ashes, even with a scantily clad British boy... I can't wrap my brain around that. Yet.
 The Haunted Airman Capture by musicgrl87.
Robert Pattinson in The Haunted Airman.

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