Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pattinson Runs From Doting Paps and Tidbits from Tina

Yesterday hawt pics of RPattz dressed in black, toting his infamous plaid jacket (most recently seen during the short hair "deranged lumberjack era") circulated the net. What we didn't hear is that the paparazzi surrounded Rob as he tried to sneak back into his hotel room. That bit o' news saddened me to no end. But look how good his hair looks from the back. That's some good finger-twisting hair fo shiz...
Robert Pattinson runs
Kristen Stewart recently gushed over her humble co-star. "[Rob's] a good actor and has a really insane work ethic," says Stewart. "He is really sensitive; he's perfect. What makes him so appealing is that he's so sympathetic; that's why girls love him."

Jimmy Kimmel's guest, Tina Fey, called Pattinson a "sexy devil." In recent months, Rob has said of Fey, "I really like Tina Fey. She is, like, the sexiest woman."

Mr. Hunky Spunk is scheduled to fly to Vancouver this week to begin "New Moon" production.

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