Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Moon Vamps Re-Vamped: Now Clean and Crisp

Sounds like a toothpaste commercial... Kristen Stewart dished to Larry Carroll of MTV the new feeling of the "New Moon" vamps:

MTV: Kristen, the web was recently flooded with photos of you in Vancouver, doing pre-production for "New Moon." What did you see up there that convinced you the sequel will be even better than "Twilight"?

Kristen Stewart: Everything! We're sort of revamping. The look of the vampires has gotten that much better — now they just look clean and crisp. They're beautiful, really. We've had all of our rehearsals, it's pretty much done — all of the prep for the script, it's solid. There's no more work to be done, whereas a lot of times you'll be on a movie and you scramble the night before and make sure everything's done, and then you lose sequence of the whole thing because you don't shoot in order. We're set! It feels so good.
teen magazine - winter 09 by cybermelli.

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