Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Moon Production to Begin 3/23... and a taste of Fan Vids

IMDB mentions that production of New Moon will begin March 23 in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

The site also lists a new possible tagline: Somewhere, Bella's stove is on. That tag simply begs the question, Who's on crack writing these lines? The other tagline, Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget, is a much better representation of the Twilight sequel.

All the hype of New Moon invites a slew of unofficial trailers. I understand that. True Twilighters just can't sit still and wait; this blog is obviously a case in point. Though I generally bristle at almost everything fanmade (with the exception of this dazzling piece of work), the videos over at New Moon Movie are pretty good.

Here's one of my top picks, simply because I adore Jacob (but picture Taylor's face instead of Steven's. Thanks.)

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